We curate gestures to empower women 

...so they keep inspiring us by doing what they do 

Female Speaker
Woman on a Deserted Road
Moving In
Girl Hiking in Mountains
Successful Girl
Crowd surf

Women are awesome. We do badass stuff all the time. 

If you're anything like us, you wish you were one of those super on-top-of-it people who make it a point to send a card or little gift when a friend does something like earn an awesome promotion. Most of the time, cards and stamps and gifts don't happen, because of life and stuff. This leaves us sending her the best damn "boss lady" text GIF we can find, while we put on shoes to leave the house in the morning.

We can do better. Weddings and babies have registries and showers. 

Browse our "Lift-upable moments." Make her a FREGISTRY. 

Don't wait until a wedding or a baby to let her know you see her,

you're thinking of her,

and you're cheering her on.

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