Go forth, Spanx-less into the universe. Order tacos, and for the love of Moses (neutral party), eat them in their carb-filled shells. 

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The items we've chosen here focus on relaxation and replenishing her spirit.

Send her this clip from Brene Brown
"What To Do When You Struggle with Trust" (2ish mins)
Amazon (Ayse Birsel)
$16.06* (paperback)
Etsy (TheHealingGem)
$10/sage bundle
Etsy (WellnessWicks)
Send her this QUARTZ article
"Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons"
Etsy (CCsSoapinaPouch)
$4.50/bath bomb
Send her Glennon's talk
"First the Pain, Then the Rising" (20ish mins)
Vine Oh (free shipping)
$59.99/wine box
Amazon (Cheryl Strayed)
$7.66* (paperback)
Etsy (StringofJewls2)
Amazon (Glennon Doyle)
$17.95*(Oprah's book club)
Skillsuccess via Groupon
$10/ 2 mo subscription
Send her Gary Winch's Ted Talk
"How to Fix a Broken Heart" (12ish mins)
Amazon (Brene Brown)
$10.99* (paperback)
Etsy (SquishyMushii)
$3.50/ 4 shower bombs
Etsy (IDidItVinylStyle)
Etsy (YouJustGotBurned)
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Skillsuccess via Groupon

$10/ 2 mo subscription

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