Hi. Not to overshare or anything,

but this is our inner soul:

We strive for three things in everything we do:

Socially Conscious

We know you're the type of person that cares where you buy from, and frankly so do we. It's why we feature brands like Brandless, ABLE, and SariBari AND we give 50% of all our profits to charities dedicated to uplifting women.


We know the hustle. We don't even suggest an idea if it's cumbersome. We like things snappy, and we want to offer that to you as well.

Good Deals

Mama raised us right. We can't help it. We'll always price shop on your behalf. If we do post a splurge idea, it's because we believe it's really worth it.

When we give each other that little nudge to keep doing what we do, who knows "how far we'll go"? Bring it home, Sophia: