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Creature Comforts

Things that make a place feel like home.

If she moved west...
By The Atlantic
SariBari.com (throw)
$182 (Made by Kolkata's red light area survivors).
Etsy (TwoWoodenDots)
Hang her art
Amazon (Now Designs)
Amazon (Mixologist World)
Etsy (scoutcuomo)
Etsy (BERKLEYand
Amazon (ArtNaturals Aromatherapy)
Etsy (DoTakeItPersonally)
$11.95 +
Amazon (MrsMeyers)
Amazon (DeWALT)
SariBari.com (table runner)
$56 (Created by survivors of Kolkata's red light areas).
Amazon (DeWalt)
Paint a room
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