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Send her this as a joke...or not
Cat Sanctuary in Greece Needs Someone to Care for 55 Felines
Fly to Iceland (Wowair)
$99.00 from select airports
Plan some of these with her
8 Places to Add to Your 2018 Bucket List (Bucket List Insider)
Etsy (The Chocolate Chicken)
$6.95/ curly-hair shampoo bar
Etsy (Ideahouse Studio)
Amazon (New York Times)
Travel Bra
$23 (anti-theft bra)
Send this (Been Around the Globe)
"Fear of Racism While Traveling"
$129 (Day-hike backpack)
Amazon (Mophie)
$29.94* (portable power station)
Etsy (Bathing Beauties UK)
$5.35/cruelty-free bar
Send her this (The Guardian)
"How ethical is that elephant sanctuary you're visiting?"
Grown Designs
$169/ sustainably sourced wooden sunglasses
$199 (eco friendly, water-resistant, windproof jacket)
Amazon (Campsuds)
$10.57*/ 8-oz of biodegradable soap
Amazon (Skyroam Hotspot)
$79.99* (Wifi for global travelers).
Amazon (GoPro HERO5)
$299.99* (Takes pics 30m underwater)!
Amazon (LifeStraw)
$33.99* (water bottle that filters while you drink).
Amazon (RainLeaf)
$8.99-$35.99* (microfiber towel)
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Amazon (Skyroam Hotspot)

$79.99* (Wifi for global travelers).

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